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  • " Empty Hand " 3/31 (11am)

    Doce Minutos Watch last weeks episode SV ep#503

    "Wara Wara" watch now!

    New episode coming Sunday Jan 31th (11am JST) Check your local time to watch us LIVE!

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    “Maul Mornie“マウル・モウニーSSBDシラット6月1日(土) ~ 2日(日)このイベントは誰でも参加できるものになっています。武術の種類、教室、レベル、真狩のメンバーかそうでないかに関わらず参加できます。This is an open event and everyone is welcome to join us. All Martial Art Styles, Schools, levels, ShinKali members and non members are allowed to join

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